Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween Everyone!
Today is my favorite holiday. Chris and I are having Butca and Jake over for dinner and we are just going to hang out and pass out candy. Chris and I carved our pumpkins last night and we will take pictures tonight and post them tomorrow. We are also starting the flooring in the basement today too!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last Childbirth Class Tonight!

Tonight is our final childbirth class! I am happy b/c the class doesn't end till 9ish PM and I am usually in bed by then! I also feel bad for Chris b/c he has been working really early in the city this past month so he is dog tired by 6pm. I know he enjoys the class and learns a lot though. Anyways, I am glad its the last one!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Day...

Chris and I have had such a busy day already. We went to Best Buy and got more memory cards. Then to Pet Smart to get another cat door for the door in the basement that leads to the back room. After that we went o Kohls so Chris could get more dress clothes and I got some new 'comfy' pants to wear to and from the hospital and I got a few s'more ornaments too! We got $20 Kohls cash to spend too! I think I will buy some pictures frames to hang in the basement. Last, we went to Home Depot to pick up our flooring for the basement and Chris got his new miter saw and a blade with all of his gift cards he received for his bday, (he had like $230 in gift cards!). We still have money left over on them and I think we will buy the base boards with it very soon. Chris has to finish the flooring first, which he is starting next weekend! So now we are laying around, Chris is watching football, (as usual), and I'm in between napping and messing around on the internet and looking at my baby registry! I cant believe my shower is less than 2 weeks away! I cant wait!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

28 Weeks...

Here I am at 27 weeks...

Here I am at 28 weeks, (today!)...
I think I look the same, minus the pj's that are barely holding up on my body! They literly fell down after I took this shot! I guess they are just to big on me!

Your baby has doubled her weight in the past month and is the size of a bag of flour. She now weighs almost 2 1/2 pounds. Her total length is nearly fifteen inches. Your baby's lungs are now capable of breathing air! This is big news. It means if the baby is born from now on, she'll be able to survive with less medical intervention. Your baby's main job right now is to put the finishing touches on major organ systems, such as her brain, lungs, and liver. As you can probably tell, she's also working on gaining layers of fat. Her body fat is about 2 to 3 percent. Your baby's eyes, which were covered by her eyelid folds at the sixth week of development, are capable of opening this week. Her sucking and swallowing skills are improving.

You're getting larger, and as you get larger, you become more uncomfortable. Your legs may ache or cramp, it's hard to get a good sleeping position, and the baby is big enough to give you some sharp kicks to the ribs! Remember that hot weather, standing for long periods of time, or low blood sugar can make you prone to dizziness and fainting. Drink water, and stay in the shade if you're pregnant in the summer. If you know you're having a boy, you and your partner may be battling over circumcision. Consider doing research on the procedure, talking to your baby's future pediatrician for her views, and talking to other parents to see how they resolved the issue.

Fun Facts For Birthday 01/15/2010
Your baby will be born in the Year of The Brown Earth Cow
Half Birthday: July 16
Birthstone: Garnet (Loyalty, Constancy)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Birth Flower: Carnation or Snowdrop (Black, Dk. Blue or Red)
This time next year your baby will be 40 Weeks Old!

Your baby will start kindergarten in 2015, be old enough to drive a car in 2026, graduate high school with the class of 2028, and will finish college in 2032, give or take a year. Can you imagine?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

F'ing Basement...

I only have to say that I CANT WAIT for our basement to be done! Im tired of the mess, the guys being here, the non-professionalism and I just want it done! Hurry up Friday night!!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3D/4D Ultrasound Pictures!

Here are just a few of the pictures! I did email everyone a link to Walgreens to see all of the photo's. Let me know if you did not get it! Isnt she cute?!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 27...

Here I am at 27 weeks! I think I look bigger in these pictures than I actually am. I have a lot of people comment on how small I am for 27 weeks and compared to a lot of other women, I am. Maybe the camera adds 10 they say!!

Week 27: Find Comfort, Relieve PressureYour Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy --

Your Baby This Week: It's official--you and your baby are starting your third trimester and are well on your way to delivery day! As growth continues, your baby weighs in at over 2 pounds (1 kg). And because his body is more developed, measurement no longer goes from rump to crown, but from head to toe--about 15 inches (38cm)! Your baby can suck his thumb now, which is actually a good thing! It helps calm him, while also helping to strengthen jaw muscles and encourage the suckling reflex. Your baby can even cry now, but you won't be able to hear him.Your baby's eyelids are starting to open, and he can actually open and close his eyes while in the womb. Your Body This Week By now your weight gain is likely disturbing your sense of balance, leaving you a bit tipsy at times. Getting around may be more difficult, and sitting behind the wheel of your car may become uncomfortable. This is the time when stretch marks on your breast and tummy can become most apparent. Although medical evidence is lacking, anecdotally, many women report that applying cocoa butter now through the end of pregnancy may help keep stretch marks from forming or help them to fade more quickly after birth. Eat Super Good Food Faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Nutrient-packed with health enhancing properties? Here come the SUPER FOODS! These foods benefit your body in so many ways. They power your brain, and correctly and efficiently fuel your body. Super foods fight infection, enhance your immune system, and protect against diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and respiratory infections. Here are more than 100 super foods that are actually good for you.Taking the Pressure Off Your joints are going through a lot right now. There's more pressure and strain with added weight, and they have to support a wider range of motion, thanks to your increasingly-pliable ligaments. Maybe it's time you showed them some love. What do your joints want more than anything? Stronger muscles. Just a little posture practice, strength training and stretching can keep your joints happy and trouble-free. And a good pair of supportive shoes never hurt anyone. Read more about ways to save your body some aches and pains.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3D/4D Ultrasound...

Yeah! I am going to get a 3d/4d ultrasound on Tuesday!! I cant wait to see her in my belly again! Its going to be soooo cool. Another cool thing is that I can invite guests to watch the actually monitor while I am getting the ultrasound done through the Internet. I have sent emails to Butca, Mom, Lori, Aunt Mary and Grandma. If you did not get it, let me know. The email will say Sonostream on it. You also do not have to watch at the exact time I get it done, (which is at 1:00pm, this Tuesday), you can watch it later. You have to sign in and there is a one time fee of like $12 or $13 but you can watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want. You will actually hear what anyone in the room is saying! I think that's pretty neat. Any who, I am looking forward to it!

3rd Trimester, Here I am!

I am now technically in the 3rd trimester! I will be 27 weeks tomorrow! It sounds better when I say I only have 13 weeks, (or less!), to go!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In's and Out's...

sleeping in, getting our basement done, water, comfy pants and shirts, Halloween candy, oranges, s'mores pop tarts, shopping, having the babies room finished early, my shower in a few weeks, throwing away crap we don't need, crock pot meals, not having to spend a lot of money for Christmas presents this year, decorating and coupons!
my nails being so flaky and dry that nail polish wont stick to them anymore, (she's sucking every last vitamin from my body!), comcast tv, comcast internet, telemarketers calling 40 times a day on our home line, having my organs kicked in, guests that are invited to my shower who are SLACKERS and have not rsvp'd, (don't even get me started on that!!), people who are rude, crappy shows on tv during the day, tax season which is coming up here very soon, worrying about the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu AND hearing about them 24/7 AND people telling me what to do when it comes to the vaccine's, insomnia, our neighbors cat coming on our deck and freaking our cats out AND shitting in one of our flower pots, wanting junk food all the time and having to pee all the time!
PS~ Today is Chris's 29th Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Chris!!!! We love you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

99 Days to go!

I'm in double digits now!! 99 days left, maybe less! AND I am almost in the 3rd trimester! It starts on October 23rd for me! WooHoo!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Babies Room...

Here are pic's of the babies room!
Make sure you scroll down to all the other posts to see a lot more pic's and other stuff!!!

The Babies Room...

Here is the room...