Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lupron shot take one...

My first Lupron shot is o-v-e-r! Chris did just fine, (there's a shocker). It did not hurt, just a little burning feeling, but really nothing. The needle is very small as you can see. Its a 27 gage and only 1/2 inch long. This will be my smallest needle that I use. After the Lupron , they get BIGGER!! Anyways... Everything went fine and I will be doing this shot every night. Thats it for now!

PS-Notice our cat Kaluah in the video as Chris gives me the shot?! She's always curious and has to see whats going on!

Monday, March 30, 2009

First Injection Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first Lupron Injection! I will be doing it in the evening sometime. Not too sure what time yet. I am going to have Chris do it so he gets over his fear of injecting me. After that, I will most likely be doing them all. The Lupron injection goes into my stomach...fun! Chris will do the injections that go into my back side though...Hahaha! Those arent till after my egg retrieval.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walking in a winter wonderland...

Its a winter wonderland!
I cant believe we had a winter storm
at the very end of March!
We got over 7 inches of snow
last night and this morning!!
It looks like it should be January
and not almost April!!
Here are some pictures to show you...

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So I just got off the phone with my RE's office and I get to start my cycle earlier!!! Back to the original dates that I thought it would be!! WooooHoooo!

Here is my protocol:

3/13/09~ Blood work and Ultrasound. Start BCP's.

3/31/09~ Start 10 units of Lupron every PM.

4/2/09~ Take last BCP, thank GOD!
4/13/09~ Go in for blood work and ultrasound.

4/15/09~ Start Follistim-125 units, Menopur-75 units & Lupron-5 units.

~Go in every other day for blood work and ultrasounds, if not everyday.~

4/25-30/09~ Estimated Egg Retrieval!

~Egg Transfer will be 2-6 after Egg Retrieval!! ~

Early May~ I will find out if my IVF cycle is successful!! Everyone Pray!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

IVF medications came today!

Its crazy that all this will help us make a baby...
My IVF meds came today! I opened the box right away to make sure everything was there and to put one of the meds, (Follistim), in the fridge. I am still excited to start the injectables and want to get the ball rolling! I dont feel nervous to do the injections at all. At the end of this whole process I will be a human pin cushion! My first injection will be on April 17th!! Check out the Follistim 'chillin' in my fridge...

I need to stay cold!!

The white bags in the lower left corner contain all the syringes, needles and extra supplies.

All this is going to go into my body??!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nurse Consult information...

Today Chris and I went in for our nurse consult visit. We were there from 9am till 11am. We learned a ton of info on my medications, how to administer them, what they are for and why I am taking them. We were able to ask all of our questions at that time and got all the information we needed. We got a tour of the the back area where they do the retrieval and transfer and the recovery area. My medications were ordered today as well. I am going to be on BCP's, (which I am on now), for 38 days total and today is ONLY day 11, UUHHGGGGGG! Then I am on 10 units of Lupron, (a injectable), for 16 days then down to 5 units a day until I finish the stimulating meds, (injectables), which sould be around the first week of May. While on Lupron I will also start Follistim and Menopur. These injections are done in the am and pm every day until I am told to stop. I will then do the HCG trigger shot and 36 hours after I have taken that, I will go in for the egg retrieval! Starting the day of the egg retrieval I will also be taking a shot called progesterone in oil and some antibiotic pills called Doxycycline along with a vaginal cream called Crinone. I will take those until I am told to stop. I will also be on a steroid called Medrol after the egg retrieval. LOTS OF MEDS!! I am sooooo happy that I work in the health care industry because I know a lot about these drugs along with how to administer them, mix them and how to inject them! Its a big help to know those things... trust me! Also, I have to say that my insurance is great on medication copays. The total cost of my meds are $188!! If I did not have coverage it would be $2, 465!! I am soooo happy about that!

So now I just keep taking the BCP's and then start the Lupron injections on April 17th and then I don't go in till April 27th!!! That's a BIG WAIT until then! During that visit I will be doing blood work and a ultrasound. I will be starting the stim meds a few days after that!!!

My estimated dates for the egg retrieval are May 5-11, then the transfer will be anywhere from 2-6 days after the retrieval. I will know at the end of May or the first week of June if I am pregnant or not.... I know I will be!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight is out on DVD!!

Twilight is finally out on DVD and I got up early to buy it! I cant wait to watch it tonight... and please keep your hands off Edward, he's mine! (You know you think he's hot! Just look at him! He is the next Hollywood 'it' actor.) Team Edward!! Also, one of the songs on my player is called 'Never Think' and its by Robert Pattinson who plays Edward. He has a great voice and can play the piano and guitar.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today was my Hysterosonogram test. It was not as bad as I thought it would be! It was a very quick test, about 10 minutes. They put a catheter inside my uterus and filled it with saline solution. The saline solution was pumped into my uterus while they did a internal ultrasound and checked for cysts, fibroids and things of that nature. Dr. Karande said everything looked great! No problems and I can continue on with my IVF process! Chris and I go in next Monday for our nurse consult!!

Here is a good site that explains the HSN test that I had today. http://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=hysterosono

PS~ It's over 70 degrees here today!! WooHoo! Hurry up spring and summer!!

PSS~ Birth control pills SUCK! I am sooooo hormonal..stay away!

Monday, March 16, 2009


A little something I read that is so true...

~Please treat me as though I am in crisis. I am. I can and will cry at the drop of a hat. I am sad, angry, scared, excited, hopeful, worried, and nervous.
~Please DO NOT tell me that you know how I feel unless you, yourself, have endured and IVF cycle. This is more difficult on me than you know.
~Please treat me with kid gloves, as I am hanging on by a very thin emotional thread.
~Please see that everything is not business as usual in my life, household and heart.
~Please call, write, or send me an e-mail.
~Please give me books or magazines that I can leave in my car for reading during the endless streams of medical waiting rooms that I will visit over the next month.
~Please bake, cook, or order in food for my household. We need to eat and I am out of commission.
~Please permit me a clear calendar and excuse my involvement in other activities, as my days are filled with tests, results, endless appointments, phone calls, decisions, physical discomfort, and fatigue.
~Please offer to go with me to an appointment or even drive me there.
~Please excuse my lack of interest in everything else. Remember what I said about crisis?
~Please give me permission to do what I need to do, be it laugh, cry, sit around, or be really, really active in something
~Please help our around my house by washing a few dishes, vacuuming a room, or taking my dog for a walk. Remember that my husband is overwhelmed and in need of support as well!
~Please let me know that you are supporting me even if the cycle tanks. That is my biggest fear and the hardest thing to talk about.
~Please remind me that I am strong enough to endure this, as I am sure to forget along the way.
~Please don't ask me if I am pregnant. If and when that occurs, I will sing it from the highest rooftop.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today is my birthday!

Today I turn 29...uhggggg. It is my last year of being in my 20's. Although I am completely mortified to turn 30, I think this will be one of the best years of my life...actually I know it will be.
So I woke up this morning to my 3 ANNOYING cats trying to get me out of bed to feed them, (like they are starving or something), and Chris was awake getting ready for work. He is sooooo sweet. He gave me a hand written card and a regular card, a bottle of this new perfume I love and money. He wants me to go out and have fun while he is at work. Tonight we are going to go out to eat to celebrate my birthday and maybe go to a movie or rent one. It will be a nice day and evening all around.
PS~ I started my BCP's last night and they made me REALLY sleepy, which I dont mind. Thats it for now!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I just got the call from my RE's office and they said that everything looked great and I am to start BCP's tonight! Wow, things move fast in the beginning! I am waiting for them to call ma back about setting up our nurse consult. Hopefully we will be doing that next Friday, March 20th... to be continued...

Just a little note...

I just bought the Pledge Fabric Sweeper and it is the BEST thing you can have in your house if you have animals! It picks up hair like nothing. My stupid vacuum cant even do that! I HIGHLY recommend buying one. They are only $5, (at Wal~Mart), and if you go to this website and fill out a little form you can print a $2 off coupon.
What a great invention!!!

Day 1!!

Today is day one of my process and I had my B/W and U/S done. The best thing about the visit, (besides starting the whole process finally...), was seeing the "Baby Wall". There are a TON of baby pictures, cards and baby announcements on this wall that they have. I loved seeing it! It gives you hope and reminds you what you are doing all this for...a baby.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



So on Friday, March 13th, (the day before my 29th Bday!! Uggg!), I will be going in for my day 3 blood work and baseline ultrasound. The tests I will be doing are: CBC, Anti-Mullerian hormone, ID Panel, (which consists of Hep B, Hep C and HIV tests), TSH, FSH, LH and Estradiol. Thank God I dont mind needles... and if I do I wont by the time this whole process ends! Then on Tuesday, March 17th, I will be going in for the Hystersonogram. That is where I have a internal ultrasound done while the insert a catheter into my uterus and inject a dye to see if there are any abnormalities or anything else that would cause me not to be able to carry a pregnancy. I have no doubt that everything will be fine. Sooooooo...after that is finished I will be getting the results pretty much right away and then I will start Birth Control Pills and set up our nurse consult. The nurse consult is for the nurses to teach us how to do the meds and all the information about them. They will answer all our questions and hopefully give us a timeline for the egg retrieval and the egg transfer!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some new news...

Hopefully I will be starting the whole IVF process REALLY soon! I am going in on Thursday for some blood work to see if I can start the next step, which would be going on birth control pills,(BC pills), to basically 'freeze' my cycle.... OR...I am STILL waiting on my period to show up so I can do day 3 blood work,(where they check my hormones), instead and then start BC pills. Either way something is going to happen!! I had a ultrasound done today and my uterine lining was very thick which would indicate that Aunt Flow, (AF), is on her way!! SO... I am making some progress with this whole process!! I am sooooo anxious to start!!! Hurry up AF, you pain in the ass!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My 3 Fur Babies...

Kaluah, Mocha & Bailey

My First Video!

I HATE watching myself on camera!! YUCK!